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TrendForce Compuforum 2015 will assemble more than 300 industry professionals from around the world, some of which are mobile devices manufacturers, finance executives and international media. According to the statistic from previous forums, 80% of the attendees have management positions and above.

Becoming a sponsor of TrendForce Compuforum is a great way to promote your product and ensure a strong presence of your brand. This forum offers an opportunity to maximize public exposure, strengthen market position, and generate more business through presentation and marketing campaign.

TrendForce Compuforum 2014 Report

TrendForce Compuforum Sponsorships

  Speaking sponsorship
USD 7,000
Forum sponsorship
USD 3,500
TechNews Media Promotion
USD 7,000
Computex 2015 Pre-Show Forum website promotion
Forum newsletter promotion
Press release
Website logo banner promotion
Computex 2015
Speaking opportunity (30 mins)
Computex show guide
X On-site interview (1500 words, online & publication)
One week TechNews top banner (W970x H90 pix) promotion
10 Forum Tickets
Forum on-site promotion
Computex 2015 Post-Show Post forum report
  Package Deal
Marketing opportunity at a 300 people international forum and
on a technology news website with 8.5 million monthly page views.

 Product Sponsorship: USD 2,000 (Market Price)
 (*Restricted to wearable devices, smartphones and tablets)
 ◎ Forum website promotion
 ◎ Forum newsletter promotion
 ◎ 5 Forum tickets
 ◎ Forum on-site promotion
 ◎ Post forum report

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A successful event can help your business create and improve relationship with customers.


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