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About TrendForce IT Industry Forecast for 2017

As with last year, the state of the global economy remains shaky in 2016, and the global IT sector has struggled to make progress in the year’s first half. TrendForce’s latest analysis finds markets for smartphones and other end-application products have become highly saturated this year. To survive and succeed in the highly competitive environment, branded electronics makers have given a lot of efforts to differentiate their products. This in turn creates new opportunities for key electronic components and advanced technologies, such as 3D-NAND Flash and AMOLED. Moreover, growth and innovations in areas such as the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles and mobile-based services have led to new development trends in various industries. Other emerging technologies that have contributed to the extraordinarily level of excitement in this year’s market include augmented and virtual reality, smart robots and biotechnology.

Next year, the global technology sector can expect bigger changes brought about by the latest wave of innovations. TrendForce and Topology Research Institute (TRI) is delighted to hold the 2017 TrendForce Annual IT Industry Forecast Conference. This event features outstanding analysts from TrendForce’s research divisions: DRAMeXchange, WitsView, TRI and the newly formed biotechnology team. Conference attendees will receive valuable insights on development trends in the global IT industry and other advanced sectors for 2017. Major topics to be presented in the conference are as follow:

Key Trends in Component Industries for 2017

consumer electronics, DRAM, NAND Flash and display panels

Emerging Technologies and Innovative Technological Applications for 2017

AR/VR, automotive electronics, innovations in the IC industry, communication technologies and mobile-based services, cloud computing and IoT, AI, robotics and the global biotechnology sector

We cordially invite leaders of the industries to take part in this rewarding event.


  • Date: November 10th, 2016 (Thu)
  • Time: 09:00-17:00
  • Venue: Room 101, National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center. (No. 2, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District 100, Taipei City)
  • Language: Chinese (No simultaneous interpretation)
  • Fee: NTD 5,000 (Non-refundable)

Early Bird Discount Plans


Plan A

From now on to Sept. 30th, 2016

NT$ 4,000

Plan B

Oct. 1st to Oct. 20th, 2016

NT$ 4,500

Standard Ticket

Oct. 20th to Nov. 10th, 2016

NT$ 5,000
  • Notice
    • 1. No refund after the payment has been received.
    • 2. Receipts will be provided on the day of the event. Please contact us for other arrangements.
    • 3. Please note that the confirmation number is required for check-in.
    • 4. Ticket price include handout, lunch box, and refreshments.


Time Topic Speaker
09:00-09:30 Check in
09:30-09:40 Opening
Session 1 Key Trends in Component Industries for 2017
09:40-10:10 Trends in Market Demand for Consumer Electronics in 2017: TV, Monitor, Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone Anita Wang, WitsView Research Manager
10:10-10:40 DRAM Market Trends in 2017 Ken Kuo, DRAMeXchange Research Director
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 Analysis of the 2017 NAND Flash Market Sean Yang, DRAMeXchange Research Director
11:30-12:00 The Evolution of Display Panels from TFT-LCD to AMOLED Boyce Fan, WitsView Senior Research Manager
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
Session 2 Emerging Technologies and Innovative Technological Applications for 2017
13:00-13:30 VR/AR Technologies Open Up Huge Opportunities in the Wearable Device Market Jason Tsai, TRI Analyst
13:30-14:00 Possibilities of Mobile Smart Devices in the Internet of Vehicles Are Endless Eric Chang, TRI Analyst
14:00-14:30 Consolidation of Semiconductor Industry Will Continue in2017 Jian-Hong Lin, TRI Research Manager
14:30-15:00 Developing Mobile Services for Emerging Applications in Blue Ocean Markets Kelly Hsieh, TRI Senior Research Manager
15:00-15:20 Networking Break
15:20-15:50 The Roles of the Internet of Things and the Cloud in Big Data Revolution Jimmy Liu, TRI Analyst
15:50-16:20 The Convergence of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Harrison Po, TRI Consultant
16:20-16:50 Trends in the Global Biotechnology Market Sean Liu, TrendForce Analyst
  • Notice
    • The Agenda is preliminary and subject to change without notice.