Analysis on Development of Public Charging Market for NEVs

Deployment of Charging Piles: Market Size and Strategies Worldwide

Rapid Upgrading of Public Charging Infrastructure Helps Eliminate Range Anxiety.

TrendForce anticipates that with the global accumulative volume of NEVs increasing at a quick pace, Europe and China are expected to be the leading regional markets in terms of driving demand. Since the energy density of Li-ion batteries has reached a ceiling, many countries are actively installing public charging piles in order to reduce range anxiety.

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Public Charging Piles Enter Arms Race: High-Power Charging to Improve Confidence in Driving Range

Automotive manufacturers, in the hope of retaining the high growth rate of NEVs, have been engaged in aggressive deployment of charging piles and power improvement, while charging equipment providers around the world are also developing high-power charging technology for the purpose of shortening charging time. All the while, automotive manufacturers have been launching NEVs configured with the 800V system to support high-power charging and elevate charging efficiency.

Quantity of Public Charging Piles in China, US, and Europe to Determine Changes in Global Car-Pile Ratio

China's public charging piles account for about 60% of the global charging market in quantity, though domestic market competitions are comparatively severe, and that these charging piles are excessively concentrated in coastal regions. The US is slower in deployment of public charging piles, while countries in Europe are also exhibiting a larger differentiation in efficiency. Despite clear deployment targets among China, Europe, and the US, a continuous observation on whether the level of efficiency conforms to expectations is essential in ensuring the reduction of global car-pile ratio each year.

How do Charging Pile Providers Sync Up with the Global Construction Wave of Public Charging Piles?

Governments around the world have been successively helping out the EV & charging pile industry. Take the US for instance, the country announced in 2023 to be allocating a subsidy of US$7.5 billion towards EVs and charging piles. Other countries, at the same time, have also been stipulating respective development plans and targets that favor future progressions of the charging pile industry. Providers of charging piles, as a result, must be equipped with sufficient market information when drafting corresponding development strategies.



Caroline Chen

Research Manager Industry:Automotive technology
Current research covers trends in the global automotive market and critical automotive technologies, including electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

Eric Wang

Analyst Industry:Automotive Electronics
Worked in the EV battery and electronic control supply chain prior to joining TrendForce. Previously held a position in Amulaire Thermal Technology focusing on market analysis and strategy. Specialized in EV market trends and analyzing key components, including EV batteries and 3rd-gen automotive semiconductors. Certified as a mechatronics integration engineer for EVs.


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