Revolutionizing China's EV Future

A Comprehensive Study on Smart Cockpits and ADAS Ecosystem

Convenience and Intelligence in Future Mobility – Exploring NEV Manufacturers' Supply Chains for ADAS and Smart Cockpits

With the growth of the market for new energy vehicles (NEVs, which include electric vehicles or EVs), Chinese automakers have emerged as major players. Already commanding 80% of their domestic market, Chinese automotive brands are now actively expanding into international markets. A significant factor contributing to their dominance in the burgeoning NEV industry is the support of their robust domestic supply chain. Partners in the supply chain not only help Chinese automakers accelerate the introduction of new vehicle models and their variants but also provide significant cost advantages. This research report examines the supply chain and industry ecosystem of major Chinese automotive brands, with a special focus on components related to smart cockpits and ADAS. The aim of this report is to help readers understand the collaborative relationships between automakers and their suppliers for critical components and semiconductor chips.

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Ecological Analysis on China's Automotive Supply Chain – Smart Cockpit

- Major Suppliers for Components Used in Smart Cockpit
- Cockpit OS
- Supply Patterns for Smart Cockpits

Ecological Analysis on China's Automotive Supply Chain – ADAS

- Major Suppliers for Components Used in ADAS
- Supply Patterns for ADAS

Chinese Automakers' Progress in Development of Autonomous Driving and Electrical/Electronic Architecture (EEA)

- Timeline of Progress in Development of Autonomous Driving
- Electrical/Electronic Architecture (EEA)

Relationship between Automakers and Chip Suppliers (Smart Cockpit and ADAS)

As Chinese automotive industry seeks to greater localization, collaborations among automakers and suppliers continue to expand. This report will provide you with a greater understanding of the followings:

Chinese Automakers' Plans for New Data Centers

- Models for Setting up Data Centers
- Automakers' Own Data Centers
- Third-Party Data Centers



Caroline Chen

Research Manager Industry:Automotive technology
Current research covers trends in the global automotive market and critical automotive technologies, including electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

Eric Wang

Analyst Industry:Automotive Electronics
Previously held a key role at Amulaire Thermal Technology specializing in market analysis and strategic planning. Primary research focus encompassed studying market trends in the EV sector and conducting in-depth analyses of crucial components, including power batteries and automotive-grade semiconductors.


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