2024 Application Market for Infrared Sensing and Brands' Strategies

See the Future: Comprehensive Deployment on Operations and Sales of Infrared Sensing Application Market

Application Market for Infrared Sensing and Brands' Strategies focuses on four application markets with high potentiality in growth. TrendForce, through this report, probes into market opportunities and analyzes technical specifications.

TrendForce projects the Infrared Sensing application market to potentially climb to a scale of US$3.090 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 6% between 2023 and 2028. TrendForce analyses the market scale of Infrared Sensing applications, opportunities and challenges, as well as product specifications, prices, and supply chain, through strategies of various brands. This will offer readers a comprehensive layout on the operations and sales of the said market.

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Consumer Electronics

Terminal brands are focused on in-display 3D sensing, in-display distance sensors, biosensing (skin sensors & PPG), eye tracking, and NB (2.5D) facial recognition for their strategies.

Smart Cockpit/ADAS – DMS/OMS

The EU General Safety Regulations specify that new automotive systems must be installed with the ADDW system starting from July 7th 2024. Compliance from automotive manufacturers will result in a swift emergence for the DMS/OMS market.


Automotive manufactures will continue to incorporate LiDAR into ADAS/self-driving between 2024 and 2025 in the hope of improving safety and AEB performance.

Industry/Logistics & Transportation/Home Appliance Automation & Smart City

European, American, and Japanese manufacturers have been actively promoting industrial automation in response to manpower shortages. Smart cities are adopted with LiDAR traffic detection systems to improve traffic flows and safety of pedestrians. Home appliances, such as robot vacuums, are configured with LiDAR to attain SLAM.



Joanne Wu

Senior Research Manager Industry:LED Chip and Package Market, UV LED, Infrared (LED, VCSEL), Projection and Video Wall Market Trends
Specializes in LED industry research, majorly covering the LED industry survey, from sapphire and LED chip, LED package, to lighting markets. Furthermore, she also conducts research on UV LED, infrared (LED, VCSEL), projection and video wall markets and technology trends since 2015. She specializes in LED industry research, majorly covering sapphire, LED chip, LED package and lighting markets.

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© 2024 TrendForce Corp. All Right Reserved.