Global Market Data – EV Inverters

EV Inverter – A Key Component in Electrification of Vehicles and a Rising Star in EV Industry

Helping to Extend Driving Range, Inverter Is a Key Component and Rising Star in the EV Industry

According to TrendForce, automakers have raised the voltage of EV battery packs to the 800V range in order to accommodate high power levels for DC fast charging. Consequently, inverters also need to be upgraded to be compatible with the voltage levels of EV battery systems for efficient current conversion. As automakers seek to extend EV driving range by reducing weight, shrinking dimensions, and minimizing energy loss, x-in-1 electric drive systems centered around inverters will become mainstream and emerge as a key development trend in the industry.

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Inverter Has Become a Major Focus of the EV Industry

Early EVs emphasized larger battery capacity to alleviate range anxiety, but this also led to an increase in the overall vehicle cost. The introduction of SiC power semiconductors has spurred a general upgrade of inverters, which have emerged to become a key component category in extending driving range. Market forecasts indicate steady growth going forward.

Development of X-in-1 Electric Drive Systems Has Led to Cross-sector Partnerships

To meet the demands of automakers, x-in-1 electric drive systems with the inverter as the core have emerged. They extend driving range and lower overall vehicle cost by reducing weight and increasing energy efficiency.

Inverter Market to Enter an Extremely Competitive Phase

The rising demand for EVs has brought about huge opportunities for inverter suppliers. However, market competition is intensifying as the number of entrants grows. Suppliers will have to be flexible and smart in terms of pricing and technological development. By creating added value and differentiation for their products, suppliers will be able to avoid getting stuck in a price war.



Caroline Chen

Research Manager Industry:Automotive technology
Current research covers trends in the global automotive market and critical automotive technologies, including electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

Eric Wang

Analyst Industry:Automotive Electronics
Previously held a key role at Amulaire Thermal Technology specializing in market analysis and strategic planning. Primary research focus encompassed studying market trends in the EV sector and conducting in-depth analyses of crucial components, including power batteries and automotive-grade semiconductors.


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