Date:October 16-17, 2013
Time:9:30 am – 5:10 pm
Check-in:Starts at 8:30 am
Venue:Room 1101, Evergreen International Convention Center

About LEDforum 2013 Taipei

LED outdoor lighting replacements will be popular worldwide from 2013 to 2015, with Asian countries including China, Japan, and Taiwan acting most aggressively. Promoted by the policy, the LED outdoor lighting market value will be up to 2,478 million USD in 2013, an annual growth over 46%. In other emerging countries such as Thailand, Russia, Latin America and Africa, considerable streetlight replacements will also be installed in 2014. The installation of LED streetlight replacements will gradually slow down in 2015, and the number of worldwide LED streetlight replacements and newly installed LED streetlights will be maintained at approximately 10 million/year.

Due to the constantly changing market conditions of the global LED industry may fog the development trend, and that is why LEDinside endeavors to help participants of LEDforum find the right path to success. Our speakers will provide valuable advice that can help LED industry players to face challenges in the future. LEDforum is an event that players in the LED industry cannot miss!

LEDforum 2013 Taipei is a two-day event organized by LEDinside and will be held on October 16th and 17th at National Taiwan University Hospital International Conference Center. The agenda for the first day LED advanced technology the opportunities and challenges, while the agenda for the second day LED innovative application and design – a new LED future. Focused on the future direction of LED industry, LEDforum is an advanced conference to grasp new market trend and future opportunities.


The fee includes admission to the conference, program materials and refreshments. Seats are limited hence we encourage you to register early to secure your seat(s) and benefit from the discount.

( before 9/30 )
Two-Day Seminar USD$ 150 USD$ 200
One-Day Seminar – 10/16 USD$ 100 USD$ 150
One-Day Seminar – 10/17 USD$ 100 USD$ 150
Group Discount (same session): buy 4, get 1 FREE

Register LEDforum 2013 now to win "LED Meter"

Eligibility: The Lucky Draw is open to all valid LEDforum 2013 Two-day Ticket Holders in order to participate
The Lucky Draw shall be held on the second day of LEDforum (October 17) at 17:30pm (after the last session).
UPRtek LED Meter MK350 for one (1) winner (worth NT$ 63,000)

Terms and Condition:
1. No extra registration is needed
2. Winners must present and bring business cards to Organiser, LEDinside, for prize redemption.
3. The Organiser holds the right to forfeit the prize if the winner doesn't match with its business card.  


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