Micro LEDforum 2017

Micro LEDforum 2017


Micro LEDforum 2017


Ever since Micro LED emerged, LEDinside has been pouring endeavour into studying Micro LED and we have a solid grasp of most advanced insights and analyses regarding the technology. LEDinside's ongoing effort, 2016 Micro LED forum in particular, has taken the industry by storm and successfully brought to light Micro LED, the monumental technology that opens up a whole new dimension in LED industry that companies around the globe look forwards to. Its application can already be seen in displays and wearable devices, yet it is just the first step.

This year, with 2017 Micro LED forum, LEDinside is going to again share the most trenchant and professional analyses concerning Micro LED's four key technologies: the production of epi wafer and micron-size chips, the transferring of micro-LEDs to panel substrates, the bonding of the chips, and color conversion. Industry heavyweights worldwide will join with the analyst team of LEDinside to dissect the current development and the future of Micro LED. We therefore would like to send a cordial invitation to all professionals to partake in this great event!

About Micro LEDforum 2017

May 10th, 2017

10:00 ~ 17:00
(Check-in: begin at 9:00 am)

Room 201, National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center.
(No. 2, Xuzhou Road, Zhongzheng District 100, Taipei City)

Chinese / English
(Simultaneous Interpretation will be available)



Roger Chu, Research Director

LEDinside: 2017 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Trend

Roger Chu

TrendForce Corp.

Dr. Christian Geng, Director of Technology

Tackling the Key Challenges of Micro LED MOCVD Processing

Dr. Christian Geng


Dr. Reinhard Benz, Head of Strategic Sales and Product Marketing

Volume manufacturing of Micro LED: Where Optics meets Semiconductor Standards

Dr. Reinhard Benz


Senior Member of Technical Staff

Growth Substrate Backside Finish and Wafer-Level Laser Lift-Off Unit Processes for micro-LED Fabrications

Frank Wei


Dr. Kei May Lau, Fang Professor of Engineering, Chair Professor of Electronic & Computer Engineering

Monolithic LED Micro-display: LEDoS Technologies and Applications

Dr. Kei May Lau

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Dr. ZhongSheng Luo, Director of Applications Engineering

Color Conversion solution for Full Color Micro LED Display

Dr. ZhongSheng Luo


Dr. George Zhaojun Liu, Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Fully-Integrated Active Matrix Programmable Micro-LED Display System-on-Panel (SoP)

Dr. George Zhaojun Liu

Southern Univeristy of Science and Technology

Chen-Hsien Chu, Application Engineer of Project Business Dept.

Micro LED on Silicon in pico-projector Application

Chen-Hsien Chu

Jasper Display Corporation

Vincent Lee, CEO

Monolithic Integration of Micro-LEDs with Thin Film Silicon Transistors for High-Brightness Microdisplays

Vincent Lee



(in alphabetical order)

In 1996, a handful of visionaries founded Epistar to usher in the LED era, decades before solid state lighting became today’s ubiquitous commodity and highly-anticipated lighting source. First-hand knowledge and insight led the fledgling Epistar to pursue cutting-edge production and engineering innovation in epitaxy. And with accumulated expertise and expansive capacity, today Epistar sits firmly as the premier global supplier. Epistar has already worked with some of the most well-known brands around the world, popularizing LED applications on cell phone screens, laptops, television, and much more. Thus Epistar is able to inject the benefits of solid state lighting into everyday life. The singular vision that has powered Epistar from the beginning also contains insights into client-supplier relationship. Epistar has always believed that, in the tightly-interwoven LED industry, working closely with clients is critical to producing the highest quality end- products. That is why Epistar has developed a unique “Co-Activation Service Model,” working alongside clients as their partner, co-designing chips and production processes, while perfecting quality control. Through such close-knit partnerships, Epistar is able to truthfully gauge the diverse needs of downstream businesses and consumers, and in essence, satisfy every Epistar partner’s client. Epistar’s pivotal role in LED’s full commercialization has guided the world into the solid state lighting era. Today that era is fast approaching full-bloom, and Epistar is more equipped than ever to take on increasingly challenging feats, to help illuminate the world in a better light.


From 5G mobile network solutions and the new generation of intelligent LED based lighting systems in our automobiles, to Gesture Recognition Capability and EMI shielding for our smart phones, our thin film deposition systems enable manufacture of the worlds highest performance, semiconductor, optoelectronic and optical devices.

Our “in situ” Advanced Process Control ( APC) technologies including Broadband Optical Monitoring and Plasma Emission Monitoring (PEM) bring new levels of control to both film stoichiometry and optical layer thicknesses enabling new levels of production yields for some of the most challenging thin film performance specifications.

We provide both hardware and process know how to deliver complete production solutions for Advanced Packaging, Power Devices, MEMS, Wireless Communication, Optoelectronics and High Precision Optics. We offer a range of batch, cluster and inline tool architectures according to our customers' process, throughput and factory integration requirements including cassette to cassette processing with completely automated handling and full wafer tracking.



Why Sponsor Micro LEDforum 2017

LEDinside is a global leading intelligence provider of LED. Micro LEDforum provides a perfect occasion for attendees to meet face-to-face with the majority of industry leaders and decision makers. One of the greatest benefits in becoming a sponsor of Micro LEDforum is to directly reach the target clients through speaker presentation and product promotion. Sponsors will also enjoy the benefits of media exposure, public recognition, and an opportunity to generate more businesses.

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Online registration will be close at 12:00pm on May 8th, 2017.Please contact us for further assistance.
Simultaneous Interpretation will be available

Terms and Conditions:
1. Registration fees are non-refundable.
2. Once the payment is received, we'll send an invoice code to your e-mail, please take the code with a business card to check-in.
3. Receipts will be provided on the day of the event. Please contact us for other arrangements.
4. Ticket price include paper handout, lunch box, and refreshments.

Early Bird


USD $220


2017/5/1~2017/5/8& on site

USD $250


NTUH International Convention Center

No. 2 Xuzho Road, Zhongzheng District (100), Taipei, Taiwan
Conference room:201 (2F)


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