Why sponsor LEDforum 2016

LEDforum 2016, organized by LEDinside, Cnledw.com and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, will be held at the Chinese Export Commodities Fair Pazhou Complex, Area B, Room #8 on June 11, 2016. The sessions at the LEDforum will discuss the development of the LED industry in the next five years, the channel strategy of the Chinese LED industry and the challenge facing it, and thoroughly dissect prospects and dynamics of LED market.

Being a sponsor of LEDforum 2016 comes with a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit is that it puts your company on the map and gets your name across the LED industry's influential figures, including higher executives and CEOs. LEDforum not only provides opportunities for cooperation and an access to potential business partners, but also connects you to the notabilities in the industry, helping you gain more top-tier clients.

Why sponsor LEDforum 2016

Date : June 11, 2016
Time : 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Venue : Room #8 (Area B), Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

Extensive marketing and communication campaign


  1. 015 complementary tickets
  2. 02One booth space
  3. 0390-second display video during forum breaks
  4. 04Logo and Company bio on forum webpage
  5. 05Logo on forum promotional items
  6. 06Permission to place propaganda materials in the forum information bag
  7. 07One display poster in conference room(80*120)
  8. 08One post-forum report
  9. 09Logo on Weibo display
  10. 10One post on LEDinside's and CNLEDW's Sina blog
  11. 11Logo on the bottom of LEDinside's homepage (scrolling left and right)
  12. 12Logo on Micro letter wall

Sponsor an event with LEDinside and you will:

  1. 01The event is promoted by an extensive marketing and communication campaign:
  2. 02More than 421,000+ unique visitors during the seminar promotion period.
  3. 03Over 80% of our audiences are directly related to the LED industry
  4. 04Direct access to potential clients during and after the event.
  5. 05Distribute continuing exposure of your products or brand in the conference.
  6. 06Profile yourself as the industry leader as your corporate logos and literature will be featured prominently in the main printed materials.
  7. 07Enhance your corporate image as it will provide you with opportunities to show your commitment to your clients.
  8. 08Achieve greater exposure and brand building through our official event web page.

LEDinside -Visitor’s analysis

Over 80% of LEDinside audiences are directly related to the LED industry/market - making our targeted audience more relevant to your market Visitor's analysis by industries. Visitor's analysis by industries.

A successful event can help your business create and improve relationship with customers.

About LEDinside

LEDinside, a subsidiary of DRAMeXchange, offers extensive research information on LED (light-emitting diode) for our clients to obtain thorough knowledge about the market and to make educated decisions every time. Moreover, LEDinside covers the technology development, market trend, and financial information of the global and regional LED industry.


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