The global semiconductor industry is facing many challenges such as the problem of high inventory levels across the supply chain, the rising inflation, and the tightening of the US technology export restrictions against China. As for the foundry sector, its performance has always been a leading indicator about the state of the whole semiconductor industry. As risks increases, how will the foundry market navigate through 2023?

Global market intelligence firm TrendForce has been closely monitoring the semiconductor industry for many years; and for this expert panel, its analysts will be providing insights that will enable you to fully grasp the supply-demand dynamics of the semiconductor market and take the initiative in capturing new opportunities.

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  • #Date:November 22, 2022- February 28, 2023 (Webinar available for viewing anytime during the above dates.)
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Will Foundry Market Maintain Its Strong Growth Momentum Going Forward?


US Restrictions on Semiconductor Technology Exports and Their Effects on Foundry Sector


Trends Related to Regionalization of Semiconductor Manufacturing


Semiconductor Market Forecast for 2023


  • Joanne Chiao
  • TrendForce / Senior Analyst

Analysis on Future Development of Foundry Industry Under US Technology Export Restrictions


Joanne's research focuses on foundry market analysis, including production capacity, technological development, and customer demand.


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