Taipei Computex 2013 | International Seminar Forum

June 6, 2013
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Compuforum: COMPUTEX TAIPEI Compuforum - Future of Touch Panel and Key Components
Location: Nangang Exhibition Hall Conference Room 504
Nangang Exhibition Hall is at: 1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan

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Compuforum at Taipei Computex 2013 is an international seminar forum that draws over 250 eminent attendees from Touch Panel, Mobile Device, and PC industry, and also financial field and mass media worldwide every year. Computex is the Cebit in Asia, the largest international B2B trade show in Asia. Last year attendees flew over from 23 different countries to attend our seminars at Computex, with 89% attendees in management position and have decision-making power. Over 80% of participants have or can influence purchasing decision.

Analysts from TrendForce will share the latest reports on global component market at Taipei Computex 2013. Both industry trend and market intelligence will be the focus for this international seminar forum. Additionally, numerous industry heavyweights, including market leaders in various touch component fields, will also be sharing their insights on the development of the market. Our speakers will provide valuable advice to help industry players attending this seminar to face challenges in the future.

TrendForce Compuforum 2013 will be held on 6th June, 2013 (the Third Day of Taipei Computex 2013). The seminar is a morning event and includes in-depth discussion on the touch panel industry. TrendForce offers a perfect occasion for all participants and their companies to gain market intelligence. This conference also provides a chance where all participants can interact with industry leaders leading to new business opportunities on an international B2B level.

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Taipei Computex 2013 is free to attend, but attendance is by approval/invitation-based. Please register online first. Upon the completion of your registration, you will see an online message indicating a successful registration (which means our system has your registration information).

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Taiwan (also known as Asia's Silicon Island) stimulates the popularization of 3C products

Taiwanese IT manufacturers have caused a sharp decline in PC price within a short period of time due to their professional manufacturing and design of components as well as the economy of scale. They popularized 3C products including PCs, components of the up/mid/downstream industry, as well as the ICT hardware industry, and significant cost reduction also allowed worldwide customers to enjoy inexpensive yet highly qualified 3C products. However, the Taiwanese technology industry that has been successful over two decades---but which also relied heavily on the PC industry supported by Windows and Intel--- stumbled on the innovative design of smart phones and tablets. Affected by the global recession and diverted customer preference, they failed to win the battle. Still, Taiwanese manufacturers are crucial to the global supply chain of smart phone devices; they remain close partners with global brand manufacturers in fields including touch modules, assembly, phone cases, printed circuit boards, semiconductors, IC designs, panels, and LED backlight.

TrendForce the first to provide a price transparency mechanism for key components

TrendForce sets a foothold in the production of the key components of global technology products. In 2000, we established DRAMeXchange, a memory research division that provides market intelligence and also one of which made the memory industry transparent. Starting from 2006, we provided industries with information regarding supply-demand imbalance; in 2008, we reported the trend in the DRAM industry; in the subsequent years, we continued to recommend production cuts, integration, and the development of diversified products, becoming an industrial research company that provides the latest information and the most in-depth analysis. In addition, starting from 2004, our monitor research division WitsView regularly published monthly panel price reports, providing industries with the latest information; starting from August 2011, we reported panel and touch module price, showing sophisticated research skills that reflects the constant development of the industry. Moreover, TrendForce also established LEDinside and EnergyTrend, two research divisions that provides information regarding LED and PV prices. Since 2008, LEDinside has provided industries with LED chip prices; starting from 2009, we provided LED light bulb prices. EnergyTrend has started to report PV spot price since 2010, and recently our company has focused on the Chinese market with the purpose to become the primary advisor of those who wish to invest in the Chinese LED and PV industry.

Compuforum reveals the future of the IT industry--- Mature touch technology to be introduced in 2013

TrendForce has continued to expand research fields since 2004, and other than WitsView, LEDinside, and EnergyTrend, we also acquired Chinese consumer research company Avanti in 2013 and became the largest cross strait research/consulting company. Compuforum is one of our important annual international seminars held in Taiwan. In 2007, memory market trends that centered on the PC industry was widely discussed; in 2008, the latest storage device SSD was mentioned; in 2009 and 2010, other than the latest production methods, the supply-demand imbalance and the future of the industry were also the main themes of the seminar; in 2011, following the shifts in the end market, industries turned their attention to storage technology and wider applications. This year's Compuforum will be held together with Computex, and touch technology will account for a large part of the exposition. Taiwanese manufacturers expect to introduce their technologies to the global market, and industries from all fields are welcomed to attend this event.

About WitsView

Founded in the year 2004, WitsView is composed of a team of TFT-LCD industry experts. The research field covers the development and market trend of upstream components, midstream panels and downstream system integrators and retailers. Additional information can be found at

About TrendForce

TrendForce is a global provider of market intelligence, in-depth analysis and consulting services. TrendForce consists of 4 major research divisions – DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside and EnergyTrend which cover research sectors including DRAM, NAND Flash, PC, LCD display, LED, and green energy. Additional information can be found at


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