DRAMeXchange Memory Storage Conference | Computex Taipei 2012


June 7, 2012
Compuforum: COMPUTEX TAIPEI DRAMeXchange FORUM 2012
Location: TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Conference Room 504
Website: http://www.twtcnangang.com/?Lang=en-US


Mobile Memory and Storage Outlook


Cloud-computing technology allows mobile devices (smartphones and tablets etc.) to access software, music, video and data on the internet. Dynamic random-access memory, or DRAM sees opportunity in the demand for low-power chips used in servers for searches, cloud service providers and social networks. Electricity takes about 12 percent of a data center’s operating cost. Total expenses are poised to expand as the number of cloud operating sites increases 8 percent in the next four years. The ability to produce more efficient server chips with advanced production technique is vital to prevail in this competition.

As the popularity of handheld electronic devices continues to expand, the memory solution of choice for designers of these products has become Multi-Chip Package (MCP) technology. MCP technology aim to support a wide range of multimedia applications. By combining eMMC (embedded Multi Media Card) and Mobile DRAM, MCP technology delivers performance, density, space and power savings. Development and adoption of new memory solution such as MCP will be the next step of technology advancement in the industry.

NAND Flash

NAND Flash chips are the crucial devices in solid state drives (SSD).Due to the increasing popularity of smartphone, and tablet PC, and with Intel’s goal of capturing 40 percent of the consumer laptop market by the end of 2012, mobile devices will fuel the growth of NAND memory segment.

Despite the demand surge for Ultrabook application, hybrid hard disk drives (HHDDs) serve in laptops, workstations and servers in addition to traditional HDDs and solid state devices (SSD). Instead of waiting for the faster SSDs to come down in price and limiting the amount of data and information storage. HHDDs can be used to bridge that gap. Therefore, to understand the rate HDD replacement by SSD, and adoption of more advanced production technology with narrower circuitry will be crucial for the industry players

Analysts from DRAMeXchange will share the latest reports on global memory component market: both industry trends and market intelligence. Additionally, numerous industry heavyweights, including market leaders in various memory-related fields, will also be sharing their insights on the development of the memory market. Our speakers will provide valuable advice that can help memory industry players to face challenges in the future.

DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2012 will be held on 7th June, 2012 (the Third Day of Computex Taipei 2012). The seminar is a full day event and includes in-depth discussion on the spotlight of memory industry. DRAMeXchange offers a perfect occasion for all participants and their companies to gain market intelligence. This conference also aims to provide an occasion where all participants can interact with industry leaders for new business opportunities.

Participant Mix

We expect to see about 250 audiences from memory, PC industry, financial field and international media to attend this conference. Since 2008, our participants flew over from 23 different countries; with 89% attendees in management position and have decision-making power. Over 80% of participants have or can influence purchasing decision.

DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2010 Report



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