2015 LED Market Trend Analysis, LEDinside Shenzhen Market Analysis Seminar Asks for your Participation

2014 is a momentous year in the global LED industry history, and also important for the LED industry revolution. In the whole industry chain including sapphire substrate, wafer and chips, packaging and applications, the phenomenon of the strong bullying the weak become common, reshuffle making the industry concentration increased, revolution seems imminent. At the same time, the global incandescent bulbs ban and Chinese ban of 60W and above incandescent bulbs has gradually carried out, the blue LED shining out for being awarded 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, LED lighting penetration rate rising, all above are signals to stimulate the LED industry to maintain high degree of prosperity throughout 2014.

However, Will the boom of LED Lighting market maintain in 2015? How about the global LED market trends in 2015? On January 9, 2015, LEDinside Chief Adviser Market Analysis Seminar will be grandly open in Shenzhen Marco Polo Hotel. LEDinside's strong analyst teams will provide the comprehensive industry analysis including 2015 global LED market trends, LED lighting market trends, Chinese lighting e-business market and LED packaging market etc.

About Analysis Seminar

Date: January 9, 2015
Address: Sedney Room, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua 1st Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Participants: about 400


LEDinside Chief Analyst Market Seminar 2015 is free to attend, but attendance is approval/invitation-based. Please register online first. Upon the completion of your registration, you will see an online message indicating a successful registration (which means our system has your registration information). Note that only approved inquiries will receive our online invitation letter within 7 business days of registration.

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