2014 Mobile Devices Key Components Development Trend Forum —Grasp the Pulse of Cellphone's and Tablet's Supply Chain, Analyze the Future of Intelligence

In the post-PC era, mobile devices, in particular smartphone and tablet, have swept the world. The mobile devices, especially the smartphone, no doubt, will keep a continuous rapid increase in the future. Corresponding with the mobile intelligence terminal, the upstream supply chain also demonstrates unprecedented dynamism, while the key component manufacturers of processor chip、LCD panel、memory chip usher in an era full of opportunities and challenges.

Looking back over 2013, with the hot selling of iphone5s around the world, Apple seems to show us the high-end smartphone market’s vitality as ever. However, the deceleration in overall growth of global high-end smartphone market and saturated market capacity are indisputable. How to keep the high growth? A number of manufacturers set their sights on the board emerging market. On MWC 2014 held in Barcelona, chipmakers such as Intel、Qualcomm、MTK, mobile operating system developers like Microsoft、Mozilla, as well as terminal device manufacturers such as Lenovo、Huawei、ZTE, have issued new products and strategies for the emerging market. “The next billion users” will be their new target.

Meanwhile, the growth of smartphone and tablet computer continuously influences the market demand of upstream traditional electronics industry. Many traditional electronic suppliers start to conduct smartphone and tablet computer component production. It means reform that will certainly take impact on the market. The open of rising intelligence also brought a severe reshuffle in the upstream of supply chain, which will bound to cause market unstable adjustment、shares division, as well as risk with insecurity and chances for heroes in chaos.

To the intelligence future, how can the mobile device component manufacturers embrace “the next billion users”? Who will be eliminated by the market? Will the upstream component supply chain move towards numerous restructuring and minority monopoly because of intelligent science’s revolution? It must be eventful and historical while the market surges with various participators. To understand the pulse of the time and concern the industry reform, please stay tuned on the annual seminar about development trend on March 25th, 2014 held by TrendForce, a global provider of market intelligence. It will give in-depth analysis of smartphone、 tablet component supply chain and market trend prediction in exclusive perspectives, which will offer you a golden key to adapt to the great future of intelligence development.

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Date :Mar. 25, 2014
Time:9:30 am ~ 4:20 pm
Venue :Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel
Address: No. 28, 1st Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Fees:It is free to attend this forum, but attendance is approval

*The entire forum is conducted in Chinese, and translation service is not available.

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