Display Taiwan 2007 Business & Technology Forum is aimed to have the attendees to hear the viewpoints from industry leaders and also provide a perfect business platform to discover business opportunities.

No other event can give you the access to senior decision makers from so many key organizations among the Flat Panel Display industry.

Event Sponsorship

Why Sponsor a WitsView event?

Under the spotlight of Taiwan's biggest and world's 2nd largest FPD show, WitsView, PIDA, TAITRA and TCA will jointly hold the Display Taiwan 2007 Business & Technology Forum.

This event sponsorship will help you to reach the most influential industrial leaders and decision-makers, which we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Taiwan, Taipei June 13~15, 2007 (During Display Taiwan 2007 Exposition)

A unique event designed to give you maximum brand exposure at Taiwan's biggest Flat Panel fair---Display Taiwan 2007, this is the best opportunity of the year to build your brand, and generate sales!

Become a Display Taiwan 2007 Business & Technology Forum Sponsor

To reach your ideal audience, there are numerous opportunities to promote your company and brand awareness by sponsoring this event. If you would like to become the sponsor, please contact us, where we will send you more information about the event sponsorship.

Sponsor List

(The list is in alphabetical order)

Corning Display Technologies Taiwan

Company name: Corning Display Technologies Taiwan

Corning Incorporated is the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics. Drawing on more than 150 years of materials science and process engineering knowledge, Corning creates and makes keystone components that enable high-technology systems for consumer electronics, mobile emissions control, telecommunications and life sciences. Our products include glass substrates for LCD televisions, computer monitors and laptops; ceramic substrates and filters for mobile emission control systems; optical fiber, cable, hardware & equipment for telecommunications networks; optical biosensors for drug discovery; and other advanced optics and specialty glass solutions for a number of industries including semiconductor, aerospace, defense, astronomy and metrology.

Corning's culture is one that encourages its people to take chances on technology when we believe an innovative solution can be brought to commercialization. This process is achieved by managing risk, carefully balancing R&D investments and expanding business opportunities in a wide variety of markets.

Corning's research, development and engineering investments support growth in existing businesses while looking for opportunities to create entirely new innovations.

Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD

Company name: Chunghwa Picture Tubes, LTD

Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. (CPT) was established in 1971. In order to satisfy people’s need of visual desire, CPT is enthusiastically devoted to the development of the new display technologies and has fabricated various products which have amazing quality.

Based on strong and concrete core foundation in display technologies for many years, CPT has been very successful in the industry. Coupled with the superior technologies of wide viewing angle performance, faster response time for moving picture, and high color saturation, etc., CPT continuously develops new products, aggressively raises the quality of products as well as services. With the corporate philosophy of “CREATION, PERFECTION and TEAMWORK”, CPT is dedicated to offer full-sized product line and position itself as a leader for visual telecommunication products and the all-around innovator for optronic technology.

Syntax-Brillian Corporation

Company name: Syntax-Brillian Corporation

On November 30, 2005, privately held Syntax Groups Corporation and publicly held Brillian Corporation merged to form Syntax-Brillian Corporation. The company has a commanding presence in the two technologies that many expect to dominate the future of high-definition TV: thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) for 60-inch and smaller HDTVs, and rear-projection liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS™) for large-screen, home theater and commercial HDTV applications. On November 21, 2006, Syntax-Brillian further broadened its product portfolio and distribution network with the acquisition of imaging technology pioneer, Vivitar Corporation.

Today, the company's lead products include its Olevia brand of widescreen HDTV-ready and HD built-in LCD TVs — one of the fastest growing global TV brands; its Brillian brand of next-generation Gen II LCoS™ 720p and 1080p rear-projection HDTVs for the high-end video/audio market, and its Vivitar brand of digital still and video cameras. As a result of its award-winning products, broad sales channels, growing brand recognition and extensive patent portfolio, Syntax-Brillian is uniquely positioned to deliver quality digital entertainment products to the world market. The U.S.-based company has strong Asian partnerships, well-established, global retail and distributor sales channels, and a worldwide supply chain that allows it to leverage economies of scale to deliver both outstanding quality and value.


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