Display Taiwan 2007

The Photonics Festival 2007, which includes Display Taiwan 2007, OPTO Taiwan 2007, LED Lighting 2007 and Solar Taiwan 2007, will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall during June 13th~16th. Display Taiwan 2007 will most certainly be a center of attraction (previously referred as FPD Taiwan), as its scale and scope is considered secondary only to Japan's Yokohama FPD exhibition.

Organized by PIDA, TAITRA & TCA, along with support from the government-- Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, Display Taiwan 2007 will be held during June 13th ~15th. Taiwan has become one of the most important manufacturing regions of large sized TFT LCD panels, where its panel sector has emerged as one of the most important IT industries in Taiwan. Both Taiwan AUO and CMO have joined the ranks of top-tier manufacturers. In addition to the panel makers, Taiwan BLU, driver IC, and color filter sectors have also matured significantly. In terms of applications, Taiwan notebook makers already account for more than 90% of the worldwide market share, while monitors take up roughly 80%. As for TV-related products, under the strong support of TV panel makers, Taiwan has rapidly narrowed its gap with other competitors, and is expected to become an increasingly vital player in the near future.

With Taiwan now at the forefront of the FPD industry, Display Taiwan 2007 will undoubtedly be a major focus. Not only will Taiwan's key panel makers, such as AUO, CMO and CPT display their new technological developments, leading overseas companies which include Corning, 3M, JSR, AKT, will also be participating.


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