Event Overview

The 2007 DRAMeXchange Compuforum will feature detailed market insights of the memory and PC industries, as well as DRAM/NAND Flash market trend and applications.

DRAMeXchange Compuforum 2007 is a one day conference designed to provide business executives with fresh perspectives on global market trends of memory, and PC related industries. The conference provides you a more flexible capacity allocation plan and more real-time market intelligence to stay competitive.

The conference is aimed to have the attendees to hear the viewpoints from industry leaders and also provide a perfect platform to discover new business opportunities.


Date: Jun 7 2007
Location: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), Room 102 (Computex Hall 4)

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Who Should Attend   

Attendee profile 2006

CEOs Purchasing Managers
Presidents Market Intelligence Managers
Vice Presidents Financial analysts
Marketing Managers Press and financial service
Product Planning Managers Fund Managers

Participants from 22 countries/regions participated in the 2006 DRAMeXchange's seminar at Computex, which is listed as follows : Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and United States.

If you are serious about positioning your business, DRAMeXchange is your best networking and marketing opportunity – no other event can give you the access to senior decision makers from so many key organizations among the memory industry.

Conference Price

The fee includes the admission to the conference, program materials and refreshments. Seats are limited hence we encourage you to register early to secure your seat(s) and enjoy the discount.

Reservation will only be secured upon receipt of full payment.

Standard Conference Price

Fee includes the admission to the conference, program materials and refreshments.

— Day pass $ 250 USD
Import: Online registration will close at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6th 2007 (GMT/UTC +8 hour). Tickets are limited, please contact Ms. Jocelyn Chen at +886-918-088680 or Ms. Lilia Huang at +886-912-031680 for details.

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About Us

DRAMeXchange is a global leading provider of market intelligence, in-depth analysis reports and consultant services on major electronics components. Our company consists of 2 major research divisions---DRAMeXchange and WitsView, which cover the DRAM, NAND Flash, PC and display research sectors. You can learn more about DRAMeXchange by visiting www.dramexchange.com.

In the year 2000, the company started to deliver market intelligence services under the name of DRAMeXchange technology. This included the current business environment, real-time spot trading prices, market trends, capital spending, wafer capacity trends, the impact of DRAM/flash memory products on the market, and other relevant PC industry information.

To further expand its research, DRAMeXchange acquired LCD research institute WitsView in 2006 to provide insights on the display industry.

Founded in the year 2004, WitsView is composed of a team of TFT-LCD industry experts with many years of invaluable experience. The research field covers the development and market trend of upstream components, midstream panels and downstream system integrators and retailers. WitsView strongly believes that high-value intelligence and sophisticated research is the key in helping manufacturers to avoid such risks, and to develop strategies in achieving high growth and profits. Thus, WitsView adopts a bottom-up research method in closely analyzing each affecting parameter in the industry value chain. Clients can always make the right decisions in their product planning, market penetration and investment risk assessments from our most in-depth view points and market analysis reports.

The clients of WitsView include major players of the upstream key component manufacturers, panel makers, downstream system integrators, channel vendors and brands in the TFT-LCD industry, along with global investment institutions and government organizations. Additional information can be found at www.witsview.com.


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